Graphite & Linseed Exhibition


Emerging artists Bronwyn Brady and Susan Montano are alumni students of St. George School of Fine Art, TAFE, 2015.  Graphite & Linseed is an exhibition showcasing the culmination of a years’ art practice along with exploration of materials and concepts from the perspective of these two artists.

Bronwyn Brady is an emerging artist currently based in Sydney, Australia.  Recently, Bronwyn has developed a body of work responding to the theme of shelter in relation to the individual.  This includes physical shelters and structures, places or items that offer safety and protection, as well as emotional shelters in the form of community, relationships, sense of belonging, and spiritual connectedness.

Particularly she is interested in the emotional sense of being sheltered that comes from belonging within one’s environment and community – what is left when this is gone?  In Graphite and Linseed, Bronwyn presents a series of graphite drawings and sculptures aiming to convey a sense of envelopment or enclosure, shelter and comfort.

Susan Montano’s work depicts landscapes on both literal and emotional levels.  Growing up immersed in bushland, the Australian landscape imprinted onto her feelings of connection, awe and excitement.  These emotions, as well as the physical beauty of the country, are integral to her paintings and earthenware.

Her body of work reflects this as the artworks move from a literal to an emotive depiction of the landscape.  Early works focus on accuracy in their portrayal of the bush, then become more abstracted, with perspective flattened and warped, lines and shapes exaggerated and colour pushed.  Later works seek to capture the essence of the landscape and Susan’s perspective on it.  These abstract works begin with a simple idea, then evolve as they discover themselves and their destination along the way.  Unifying these works is Susan’s keen interest in the depiction of light and the unique colours of the Australian bush.

Graphite & Linseed brings these two diverse collections together, traversing the contours of inner and outer landscape alike.

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Vestige Group Show

 20.1.16 – 6.2.16

Bronwyn Brady, Lorna MacRitchie, Rosemary Reynolds, Armelle Swan

Opening Wednesday 20 January, 6 – 8 PM

Saturday 23 January: Activities workshop 11 – 1
by Rosemary Reynolds

Saturday 23 January: Artist talks 2 PM
by Bronwyn Brady and Armelle Swan

Thursday 28 January: NORTH Acoustic Sessions III with live music
and a reading by
Lorna MacRitchie 6 PM

Image by Lorna MacRitchie, I never really leave us, 2015, mixed media on blankets, with organza and ceramic objects, dimensions variable

‘Vestige’ refers to the trace and absence, where the remnant or imprint of a former presence commands attention through representations of connection, shelter, bodily substances and narratives. ‘Vestige’ engages the observer through textural and tactile media by alluding to the very nature and materiality of human experience. Our flesh, our bodies, our homes, our clothing – is that our trace and our presence? ‘Vestige’ considers experience, identity and personhood, questioning the way in which we are made and connect to others.

‘Vestige’ is an exhibitions by the four artists Bronwyn Brady, Lorna MacRitchie, Rosemary Reynorld and Armelle Swan, encompassing drawing, painting, installation, sculpture, assemblage and textiles. Curated by Tamsin Salehian and Ingrid van der Aa.

The 12th Hour

The 12th Hour Exhibition took place at The Muse Gallery, Ultimo in Sydney from 30th November – 3rd December 2015.  There was a beautiful collection of artworks from my St. George School of Fine Art classmates!


Here are some photos of some of my works at The Muse.






Friday Nights in the Studio

Friday nights in the studio

Ink & Water

#ink #art

Triptych in Oils

Bronwyn Brady, Untitled Triptych, oil on board, 2014

Ink Drawings

Bronwyn Brady, Ink Drawings, ink on paper, 2014

Sea Foam

Bronwyn Brady, Sea Foam, mixed media on canvas, 61 x 61cm, 2014

Still Life for Nanny Pete

Bronwyn Brady, Still Life for Nanny Pete, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50cm, 2014

Fluid Oils

Bronwyn Brady, Untitled, mixed media on canvas, 2014

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