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Friday Nights in the Studio

Friday nights in the studio

Ink Drawings

Bronwyn Brady, Ink Drawings, ink on paper, 2014

Vincent Van Gogh

This year I have done a series of 4 quick still life paintings (spending 3-6 hours on each one).  I tried to loosen up my style and approach the subject matter in a more painterly fashion, taking inspiration from Van Gogh’s still life paintings.


Bronwyn Brady, Still Life, acrylic on canvas, 2014

Magnolias- Hand Cut Paper

Bronwyn Brady, Magnolias,Hand cut paper, 2014

(3 of 9 pieces)

Acrylics, Take 2


Tried a different technique with this to try to achieve that webbing look from the detail pic in my previous post.  It worked!

Methods of Abstraction…


I am currently working on some fluid abstract paintings, experimenting with different kinds of mediums and techniques on canvas. I was really inspired to try this style after seeing works by Dale Frank and other abstract painters.

There are a few techniques I have tried so far, including inks with resin, pouring medium, and also diluted acrylic paint. The techniques I have explored so far are so flexible and there are so many directions you could take them. Each one yields quite different and striking results.

Here are some of my first attempts using ink and resin, there are some interesting patterns that pop up, depending on how you apply the ink.


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